Raw pink tourmaline mosaic gemstone ring

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This stunning raw pink tourmaline gemstone ring features pink shards of sustainably up-cycled raw pink tourmaline crystal. Pink tourmaline supports love, especially self love. Wear this raw gemstone ring to ground yourself in mindfulness and intention. The sustainably up-cycled pink tourmaline crystals we use to handcraft this ring are better for the environment, society, and your spirit. This beautiful, handcrafted ring makes a gorgeous alternative engagement ring or reminder of your commitment to self.

luxe.zen’s commitment to sustainability

This raw pink tourmaline gemstone ring embodies our commitment to sustainability in jewelry design. We crush raw gemstones unfit for prong setting and set the crystal shards in a mosaic pattern to handcraft these raw gemstone rings. We handcraft jewelry with gemstones and precious metals that were extracted with minimal environmental impact, and we up-cycle and recycle as much as we can. We invite you to learn more about our ethos and how to be an informed ethical jewelry consumer here.

Raw pink tourmaline mosaic gemstone ring details

Our fine, handcrafted rings are made of unique, natural raw gemstone crystals inlaid into a handmade sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold filled bezel set ring. Each raw gemstone piece is completely unique.

Gem: Up-cycled pink tourmaline from specimens unfit for prong setting, crushed into shards; crushed quartz diverted from waste

Metal: Ethically handmade sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold fill rings

Sizing: Smaller, larger and half sizes are available by custom order. Please note that additional lead time is required for custom sizes or a rush fee will apply

Care: Remove prior to exposure to water. Failure to do so may impact the stone and/or the setting

About luxe.zen

At luxe.zen we handcraft raw gemstone jewellery for the modern spirit. Our rings start and end with fine quality, natural raw and polished gemstones and precious metals. Gemstones are hand selected for each piece and carefully set, checked, and polished before meeting you. As we work with raw gemstones do expect that your ring will vary slightly in shape and colour from that in the photograph. Your raw gemstone ring will not vary in quality from that shown, so rest assured your ring will be unique and beautiful. Please reach out if you are looking for a specific size, shape, or colour of raw gemstone, or hardware size/length.

Customer Reviews

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Natalia Prosacco
I chose standard delivery and it has been...

I chose standard delivery and it has been written that express delivery is preferred so it came to my post office almost in two months. I was going to write how ring is adorable (I just picked it from post office) and wanted to take a photo and then I saw the ring after 15 min of wearing it.. the one peace was gone!!!!!!! So now it is waist of money and time of waiting!

Randi Gulgowski
So beautiful and dainty. Love the color, l...

So beautiful and dainty. Love the color, love the thin band, this piece is 100% my style.