7 chakra gemstones + sterling silver bar necklace, layering necklace, delicate gemstone bar necklace


1.5 inches of 4mm faceted rondelle beads are hand wrapped on sterling silver wire to create this delicate bar necklace. Each stone is connected to one of the 7 chakras of the body.

Root (Red) Chakra - Garnet for passion and motivation
Sacral (Orange) Chakra - Orange sapphire for commitment
Solar Plexus (Yellow) Chakra - Citrine for confidence and joy
Heart (Green) Chakra - Peridot for protection
Throat (Light Blue) Chakra - Aquamarine for calm and courage
Third Eye (Dark Blue/Indigo) Chakra- Kyanite for consciousness and higher thought
Crown (Purple) Chakra - Amethyst for balance

Strung on a 16 inch sterling silver chain for a total length of 17.5 inches.

Layer with other luxe.zen necklaces and gemstones for a personalized energy.

luxe.zen pairs the finest quality gemstones, wood and other naturally derived materials to create beautiful pieces to enhance any meditation, yoga or spiritual practice. Whatever your mantra may be, we have a piece to support you in your journey to self-love and light. Some colour and variation may occur in natural gemstones as the earth creates each as unique as we are.

Namaste. Sarah Healey, Principal Designer

Love this but want something personal? I do custom orders!

Handmade in beautiful Canada.

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