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Spirit (or Cactus / Fairy quartz) is a special variety of quartz located only in South Africa. Spirit quartz has many tiny quartz crystals growing from a main crystal point. A powerful amplifier of spiritual energy, spirit quartz enhances our connection with spirit. It supports attracting guides to assist us through life's journey and assists with the release of energy that no longer serves us. An excellent stone for any meditation or spiritual practice and to cleanse and improve the energy in your space.

Size: sm (5-6cm), lg (8-10cm)
Colour: lilac purple with some yellow patches
Origin: South Africa

These Crystals are Ethically Sourced
luxe.zen lovingly sources crystals globally. By working with small mining co-ops and local distributors, we ensure that your crystal purchase has a minimal impact on the planet and a positive impact to humans mining and cutting the specimens. 

What does "ethical" mean?
- Specimens are not purchased from regions where profits from the gemstone trade are known to finance war, genocide, or totalitarian governments
- Workers are paid a fair living wage for their work
- Workers have proper safety protective equipment and safe working conditions
- Specimens are extracted using hand tools and small equipment to lessen environmental impact 
- Specimens are not extracted from environmentally sensitive locations

Please note this box contains mindfully selected choices that are close in size and colour to those shown, if you are looking for something specific, please contact us directly. We have chosen the most "average" stones from the lot for the photos.

At luxe.zen we create fine handcrafted gemstone jewellery for the modern spirit. Our designs start and end with fine quality natural raw and polished gemstone specimens and precious metals. Gemstones are hand selected for each piece and carefully set, checked, and polished before meeting you. Our designs include unique takes on upcycled materials, raw gemstone specimens and classic cut stones.

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Tsigoulis

The spirit quartz is stunning! Carefully packaged in all recyclable materials. Thank you!

Daniel Kertzmann
They are great! I also appreciate the stur...

They are great! I also appreciate the sturdy and adorable packaging. Thank you

Leisa Paucek Selk
Either it was Fate or you are psychic... B...

Either it was Fate or you are psychic... Because you sent me that exact crystal that I had been dreaming of! I was so shocked when I opened the {beautiful} package & realized it was THE. ONE.
It was meant to be...! 💜🔮
Thank you so much, Sarah! 🙏🏻

Bonnie Hoeger
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Tricia Wolff
I just opened the package and I already fe...

I just opened the package and I already feel so drawn to the spirit crystal inside. Love the info on how the crystal is ethically sourced. I will make this shop my first go-to when looking for new crystal. Thank you!