Ethically sourced crystal starter kit

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Enhance your meditation practice or carry crystals with you throughout your day to remind you to stay grounded and full of love. A great set for the crystal beginner! We have carefully curated this selection of A-AAA grade ethically sourced tumble stones to support key aspects of daily living for the modern woman. All tumble stones range in size from 30-50mm.

Kit includes:

AAA quality Madagascar rose quartz - surround yourself with love
AAA quality Madagascar labradorite - deepen your meditation practice and enhance mindfulness
A quality smokey quartz - surround yourself in a protective shield
A quality aquamarine - feel calm, cool and collected
A quality rainbow fluorite - enhance focus and organization
A quality natural untreated citrine - feel confident joy in the everyday; aids with manifesting
A quality phantom amethyst - balance energies throughout the body
A quality clear quartz - the master healer that can be programmed with your unique intentions

Pink microfibre carry bag

Add on: energetically clean and power up your crystals with a moon phase laser cut selenite stick. Selenite, the stone of the moon goddess, is an excellent tool to bring radiance and harmony into a woman's life. Place crystals on selenite to clean any trapped or negative energy and realign the stone's energy. A perfect ritual after meditation or during a full moon.

These Crystals are Ethically Sourced
luxe.zen lovingly sources crystals globally. By working with small mining co-ops and local distributors, we ensure that your crystal purchase has a minimal impact on the planet and a positive impact to humans mining and cutting the specimens. 

What does "ethical" mean?
- Specimens are not purchased from regions where profits from the gemstone trade finance war, genocide, or totalitarian governments
- Workers are paid a fair living wage for their work
- Workers have proper safety protective equipment and safe working conditions
- Specimens are extracted using hand tools and small equipment to lessen environmental impact 
- Specimens are not extracted from environmentally sensitive locations

Please note this box contains mindfully selected choices that are close in size and colour to those shown, if you are looking for something specific, please contact us directly. We have chosen the most "average" stones from the lot for the photos.

Pictured: The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

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