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The Buying Process of Ethical Gemstones | luxe.zen

The Buying Process of Ethical Gemstones

Imagine gathering up all of the gemstones you’ve worked so hard to mine by hand over the last few months, placing them in a bag, and hopping on your local bus bound for another town where local gemstone dealers gather. Here the gemstones that you’ve worked so hard to mine from the earth will be appraised and you will finally be paid for your months of work.
Are Canadian Diamonds Ethical? | luxe.zen

Are Canadian Diamonds Ethical?

We often assume that in countries like Canada and the United States, businesses and governments operate ethically and don’t ever violate human rights. When it comes to the gemstone and metal mining sector, we may think that our robust laws governing wages, working conditions, and environmental protections all ensure ethical mining.

But do the existence of these laws really tell the full “ethical” truth?

Gemstones & The Mob | luxe.zen

Gemstones & The Mob

When you think of gemstones, you may not often think of organized crime, yet all over the world, organized crime and gemstones are found to frequently have an intricate and dangerous relationship. In our continuing effort to ethically source our materials, we’re constantly learning more about what ethical sourcing means, and how all individuals in the supply chain are affected. This is how we’ve come to learn about the gemstone organized crime world and how it relates to materials we all use in our jewellery.

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