It Takes One to Know One

Sarah Healey

Expanding my e-commerce to include a Shopify site was an easy decision. I wanted to expand my presence beyond the Etsy platform to reach new customers and expand my retail and consignment business. I also wanted a website that was simple to create but represented the luxury of my brand. Although still under construction I see my vision coming to life. Finally - the company is local! I do my best to source materials locally so it just made sense to contribute to the KW economy further by choosing a web service in my city. 

As a Shopify merchant, I have the ability to fit the shoes of my clients and holistically think through solutions to help them grow their passion. Merchants are also looking to stay current and fresh and having a strong advisor on their side who understands their objectives will help connect them with fixes and new solutions that will help their business stand out. It takes one to know one. I will do my best to know each one. Let's make e-commerce better. 

To Your Success, Sarah